The following pre-requisites must be fulfilled:

  1. All students and teacher devices must be 
    • iPad 3rd generation or later
    • iPad mini or later

  2. iOS 9.3 or Above
    • All students and teacher device must be iOS 9.3 or above (We have experienced an iOS 9.3 bug which caused some system hang for repeating MDM commands in a very short period, this issue will not affect Classroom control commands)

    • For upgrading iOS, you may use eSchoolPad OS update command to invoke system upgrade for DEP devices automatically)

  3. Each of the student's devices is under the appropriate device labels for class grouping
  4. The teacher iPads are enrolled to ESP MDM (No supervision is required for teacher iPads)


  1. 所有學生和老師的設備必須是⋯⋯
    • iPad 第三代或更新的版本
    • iPad mini 或更新的版本

  2. iOS 9.3 或以上
    • 所有學生和教師設備必須為 iOS 9.3 或更新的版本(由於 iOS 9.3 編碼的缺陷,該缺陷導致在很短的時間內重複 MDM 命令會導致某些系統當機,幸好此編碼缺陷不會影響課堂內的監控)
    • 要升級 iOS,您可以使用 eSchoolPad OS 更新指令,讓系統自動為咁 DEP 設備進行系統升級)

  3. 每個學生的平板電腦已被設備標籤,用於班級分組

  4. 教師使用的 iPad 已經加入了ESP MDM(教師 iPad 無需被監控)