On the Teacher tagged devices, tap ESP icon and proceed the following:

1.  Login with ESP Teacher / Admin account. The new teacher landing will be shown.


2.  Tap Install button to install TeacherPad and/or Classroom, wait until installation completes.  (If they have been installed, you will see Open button instead.)

3.  Tap Open button to enter Classroom.


1. 使用ESP教師/管理員帳戶登錄。 將顯示新教師登陸。

2. 點擊安裝按鈕以安裝TeacherPad和/或Classroom,等待安裝完成。 (如果已安裝它們,則將看到“打開”按鈕。)

3. 點擊打開按鈕進入課堂。