1. On Teacher tagged device, tap Classroom app

  2. Classes will appear, and they are sync with the Device Labels your school TSS has created

  3. Tap a Class to enter and you will see all those managed devices

* Please note that teacher and students devices should have Bluetooth turn on and connected to the same Wi-Fi

  1. 在老師標記的設備上,按鍵「課堂應用」

  2. 將會顯示課程,並且這些課程與您的學校 TSS 新增的設備標籤同步

  3. 選擇進入的課堂,您將看到所有受此課堂監控的設備

* 請注意,所有教師和學生設備均需開啟藍牙和連接到同一Wi-Fi